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PurseBlog Asks: Have You Been Shamed for Your Designer Bags?


If you’re a normal human who likes fashion and occasionally buys something nice for yourself, you’ve probably been shamed for it at some point, by someone. Friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, parents, coworkers, the parents of your kids’ friends–everyone’s got an opinion about how other people should spend their money. As it turns out, not even the rich and famous are immune from that kind of judgment; in her recent New York magazine cover profile, Joni Mitchell recounted being bag-shamed by Warren Beatty.

Mitchell, legendary folk music goddess and among the stars of a new Saint Laurent campaign, talks at some length in the profile about how famous men used her fashion choices as a way to criticize or belittle her, but the most specific story is about a Chanel bag (which sounds like it was a Chanel Classic Flap, based on her description) she carried in the 70s. Beatty, apparently unprompted, told her that such a bag was “an unbecoming purse for an artist”–that she was somehow undermining her own talent by owning and carrying a bag that she liked and could obviously afford.

The implication, as it so often is, is that only silly girls would find value or pleasure in fashion, and that silly girls are unable to have serious thoughts or interests or make serious art; that fashion devalues those associated with it. Unfortunately, that’s a familiar battle for most of us.

One of the upsides of working at PurseBlog is that I’m rarely bag-shamed anymore; people understand that my personal taste is part of my job, and they usually leave me alone about it. Living in New York City helps, too, because expensive bags are status symbols here in the way that cars are in most other cities. It wasn’t always that way, though; I can remember coworkers at previous jobs pestering me to tell them how much my bags cost even though I obviously didn’t want to, as well as well-meaning friends who were a little too interested in my spending habits.

Most memorable, though, was my college boyfriend. I found the PurseForum while we were dating and took a particular interest in Balenciaga bags. I bought a couple of pre-owned bags on eBay after careful research and saving as much cash as I could from my part-time job at Best Buy, and despite having expensive hobbies of his own, he thought that was frivolous and maybe dangerous. One day, he DVR’d an episode of Oprah that included a segment on compulsive spending and asked that I watch it.

I did watch it, even though I knew that a couple pre-owned bags did not a compulsion make. The show reinforced my belief that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, of course, and that my then-boyfriend was overreacting because I was interested in something that he thought was stupid. The other segment on that episode of Oprah featured the author of a book called Getting The Love You Want: A Guide for Couples; I ordered it on Amazon and had it delivered to his house. I’m sure it will shock you to hear that we eventually broke up.

That’s my worst tale of bag-shaming by far, and we’d like to hear yours in the comments.

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How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag


You have been diligently watching all the fashion shows. You have seen all the new designer bags that are actually real and you covet them. You have also been watching the street fashion trends and noticed that perhaps some of the bags may not be the actual designer’s but a knock-off, albeit a great one that costs a lot. I have one like that, a pretty little Prada purse that cost me upwards of $200, but wherein the real version may have set me back around $1000. Sometimes we want the brand name and even the quality, but cannot afford to pay such steep prices and opt for the perfect fakes. However, sometimes those perfect fakes are sold to us in the guise of a true designer handbag and we are left feeling duped the moment we realize what has gone wrong. We cannot tell if they are real or fake most of the time when the duplicity is perfectly executed. Furthermore, the consignment stores where you find the treasures for a fraction of their prices are often also full of the knock-offs, made to offset the store’s own costs. Linda Lightman, CEO of Linda’s Stuff, has a rather well-researched list of ways to spot a fake and authenticate the real designer handbags.

How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag

Prada Bags

So, what exactly should you be looking for when you are buying Prada handbags?

1. Is the plaque firmly attached and the stitching all around evenly done? If not, you may have a fake.

2. Are the zippers embossed on the back side? They should include “YKK” or “RiRi” or “Lampo” or “Opti” or “Ipi”.

3. Does the “R” have a curved leg? If not, it is a fake.

4. Did you notice that the internal plaque matches the interior fabric of the bag, or perhaps the leather patch has four rivets? That is something important.

5. Can you find the company logo on every piece of hardware included? If not, it is not a very good fake either.

6. Did you find a white tag with numbers in an interior pocket? That should be there if it is the real deal.

Balenciaga Bags

What should you be looking for when you are buying Balenciaga handbags?

1. Is the interior label either embossed leather or engraved metal, with the style number on the front or back side of the flap?

2. You will also find the tail end stating Paris on the stamped logo of the flap. Does it have a period or underscore in between? If not, you may be looking at a fake.

3. Do the rivets at the back of the handles have notches? That should generally be the case, while the hardware should be nice and secure.

4. Is there a “Lampo” stamp at the back of the zipper? There should be and the zipper should also be soldered closed, a trick of the trade that the Balenciaga house utilizes.

Chanel Bags

What should we be looking for when buying Chanel handbags?

1. Are there brand markings on the turn locks? If you cannot find them, it signifies a knock-off, and a bad one at that for missing such an obvious sign.

2. Can you tell the age of the bag with the type of zipper it has? It should be consistent; as it appears, each year the zippers have a different look.

3. Does the quilting appear to be perfect, with pocket stitches matching seamlessly with the body? If not, you’ve been duped. Chanel loves its quilting and would never do a sloppy job there.

4. Is there a foil interior label that matches the hardware color? It should always be there and be centered with even spacing, as the fakes will be missing this aspect of the bag altogether if they are badly done, or will not often be matching if they are good.

5. Can you find the hologram that is located inside every single Chanel bag? It is an awesome way to make sure that your Chanel bag is truly authentic. A knock-off might follow all the other codes but fail in this space.

How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag

Louis Vuitton Bags

What to look for when buying Louis Vuitton handbags:

1. Can you find the date codes around the bag? There may be a problem is you cannot.

2. Is the company logo on every part of the hardware the bag comes with? This ensures that no part of the bag has been interchanged.

3. Have you noticed anything unsymmetrical about the monogram? If so, it is not a real one for the designer loves symmetry and we love those perfectly done up lines.

4. Do you have time to count the stitching? You should have the same number appearing in similar locations of the bag, while it should all be very even and symmetrical.

5. Does your bag show signs of aging? That means it is real leather and not the synthetic used by knock-offs to prevent that from happening around the handles.

Gucci Bags

This is what you should look for when buying Gucci bags:

1. Is there a “Made in Italy” statement printed underneath the Gucci label? Is it cleanly done? Chances are that the piece will not be from anywhere else, so this is a good way to prove its authenticity.

2. Have you noticed prints on the leather? The Guccissima leather should only be embossed on, so you might have a fake in your hands. Also make sure that the stitching is perfect and the leather trim shows quality.

3. Does the “G” on the logo canvas appear to be uneven? It should never be so, instead offering clean curves and lines to ensure it is real.

4. Does the “2” in the top number identifying the number of the bag have curly cues on top? Is it 6 digits long? If not, ask for a refund soon enough, before your time to do so expires.

5. Can you find the company logo somewhere on every piece of hardware? While it may appear annoying, this is one of the best ways to ensure that every part of that bag is truly authentic.

Hermes Bags

How to know if your Hermes bag is authentic:

1. Have they used only fine leather, stated on the bag itself? Fake version will use coarser materials and that is something you can feel automatically when you touch for proof.

2. Is the hardware gold plated? It can also be palladium, but chances are they won’t use anything else on the real.

3. Is there a problem with the spindle closure? The real pieces are smooth and won’t cause a hassle.

4. Does it appear as if the nails have been done by hand and can you find the logo on every piece of hardware? When it comes to nailing things down, Hermes does it by hand and not machine. You should be able to tell the difference rather quickly.

5. Does the metallic foil the logo stamp is printed on match the hardware coloring? This is a major indicator in of itself as that metal foil might not exist at all, or it would be an entirely different coloring.

6. Can you find the blind stamp that should be at the back of the belting? Fakes often miss on this huge little detail.

Coach Bags

What to look for to make sure your Coach bag is real:

1. Are the C letters of the logo evenly lined an all sides? If there is even a bit of crookedness, you are looking at a fake. The logo should also appear on every piece of hardware.

2. Where is the bag made? Usually it should state that it is in Italy, but you may also find China or another country, so this may not be the best indicator to look at.

3. Is there a serial number embossed on the inside, on a square patch of leather that has been sewn into the lining? There should be a number or number & leather combination, wherein the last four or five digits indicate the style number. You can easily check through that online.

4. Does it appear as if there is a break in transition when there is a pocket involved? If so, you might want to get that checked again. The stitching should also be very even throughout the piece.

Marc Jacobs Bags

You may also want to buy a Marc Jacobs handbag. If you do, ask these questions while checking to make sure it is real:

1. Is there a “RiRi” or “Lampo” embossed on the backside of the zipper? Can you find the Marc Jacobs logo on there as well? These are very important and no piece is without them.

2. Is the metal nameplate directly attached to the bag? When they are fake, a piece of leather is used underneath to make sure it sticks properly.

3. Does it say “Made in Italy” anywhere on the place or within the inner pocket? Chances are that the pieces are not made anywhere else so this is a very good indicator of real versus fake bags.

4. Do all the outer pockets have a suede lining? This is a favourite by Marc Jacobs so it makes for a very good indicator as well.

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10 Incredible Spring 2015 Designer Bags We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On


The spring/summer 2015 catwalk handbags have us utterly enchanted. A woman can never have too many bags, just as she can never have too many shoes. Mix and match and you find that each outfit truly requires a different shape, a different style, a different color or simply something out-of-this-world different. That’s simply the beauty of it. One’s fashion sense is also an art, while the accessories are but the tools used to perfect the base that has been drawn. You can imagine our excitement as we watch Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Prada and all the others step onto that catwalk to show off each piece of creative talent that we may add to our never-ending collections.

2015 Handbag Trends: Spring 2015 Designer Bags

1. Valentino’s Floral Printed Bag

Let’s start with Valentino; we believe the contrasting blues and whites, mixed with a light touch of lilac, have done wonders to bring this floral print to the forefront of the showcased bags. Bold and eye-catching, it is sure to spruce up a simple dress and give it the necessary kick to let the whole of your beauty shine through.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Valentino

2. Loewe’s Pink Triangular Clutch

Loewe‘s brought an interesting choice of shape to the table with this odd but rather interesting pink triangular bag, complete with a bow and simple stitching. It is easy to hold onto without the need for a strap, allowing for less clutter on the bag and better symmetry. One cannot deny that it would be a rather interesting addition to any closet.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Loewe

3. Christopher Kane’s Perfect Blue Bag

We like this. We really like this Christopher Kane bag in a perfect shade of blue, made to look like a small briefcase from olden English homes. We love its simplicity, we love its shape and we most definitely love the pretty little jewel adorning its face. Really, there’s nothing we don’t quite love about it.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Christopher Kane

4. Dolce & Gabbana’s Heart Bag

Pretty metal heart-shaped bags are totally vintage and yet totally in style. A piece fit for the nobility, this lovely Dolce & Gabbana does its brand justice by providing a momentary lapse in time wherein one somehow sews the threads of the past with the modern desire for individuality.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Dolce & Gabbana

5. Lanvin’s Minimalist Bag

Lanvin’s leather beauty is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces we have seen on this catwalk. A sleek modern design, it seems perfect for ensuring papers are not unnecessarily folded and the professional woman is provided with the peace of mind knowing her bag will certainly not take up much in terms of office space.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Lanvin

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Rounded Clutch

It’s round, it’s been imprinted with the faded colours of the rainbow and it’s a Marc by Marc Jacobsmasterpiece. This unusual design brings bags into the 21st century while keeping to the functionality and ability to serve as an eye-catching accessory. Quite slim in design, this pretty little leather piece will definitely save space and fit just about anywhere.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Marc by Marc Jacobs

7. Marques Almeida’s Snakeskin Bag

Snakeskin is back in fashion and the colourful boldness only adds to its allure. Marques Almeida has produced a line of bags, including clutches and small coin purses, in order to cater to every woman’s needs. Real snakeskin hues might have looked better, but then again, these are better at grabbing attention.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Marques Almeida

8. Alexander Wang’s Sneaker Bag

Apparently our running shoes can also be carried around as purses. At least, this seems to beAlexander Wang’s vision as his latest designs are paraded down the catwalk. Uniquely crafted, the sky blues, blacks and whites certainly cannot be passed without at least a double take.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Alexander Wang

9. Louis Vuitton’s Thunderbolt Bag

Thunderbolts and chains have become the inspiration of Louis Vuitton’s latest designs and all we can think of are superheroes. Mind you, if carrying these intriguing pieces around will encourage every woman’s dream of fighting for the good of mankind, I say we should be getting one into every closet!

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Louis Vuitton

10. Versace’s Slim Bag

And finally, we simply must mention the Versace bag, with its bold industrial look, its focus on efficiency and its desire to be present in every boardroom and office setting. Slim and charismatic in its own right, this bag certainly takes the cake.

Spring 2015 Designer Bags: Valentino

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How To Get The Best Replica Purses With A Big Discount!


There are special moments in life that need to be shared with friends, otherwise they lose their significance. And this is one of them! My readers are also my friends and I whenever I have something important to tell them, I do it here, on the blog! review review

So this, my girls, is for you! If you ask me, this is the most important news I’ve heard in a while. I just received an email from announcing their 10-year anniversary with a big discount, 50% off on all replica purses!

As I always say, besides the replica purses a site has to offer, other important aspects are the services and the return policy. Of course the prices are also important but if it were to choose between a website with cheap designer replica purses and no phone number and a bit more expensive but great replica purses, I would always advise you to go with the second one.

It’s very reassuring for me to know that I can get in touch with the customer support department whenever I want. If I have questions about their replica purses, about my order or if I decide to return something that I bought, it’s important to actually speak with someone.

Anyways, back to the announcement I just made!  is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and they are offering 50% discount store wide, whether we are talking about handbag designer knockoffs, shoes, watches or accessories! But you should hurry up, this offer is valid just one day! The part in their email that made my day is this: “May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued!” Really touching, guys!

If you know about any other offers of thins kind, please send me an email so I can post it here! We all love cheap designer replica purses and this offers are just what we need to expand our wardrobe with the best replica handbags.

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Most Popular Luxury Brand Designer Handbags For Fall 2014 Collection Preview


Summer is coming and all of the latest new summer designer handbags are now available for sale online and store to help you carry the fashion trend and dress yourself in a charming look. However, fashion always in advance, now, almost all of the luxury brand has been designed their new designer handbags for fall winter season. Here we take a view popular designer bags for fall 2014 including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga City Bags, Celine, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Dior and the Mulberry Tessie Collection.

Take a view below and tell us which model you would like to carry in pre-fall season? And you can order cheap real lv bags for discount!

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 Bag Collection


Balenciaga City Bag Colors for Fall 2014

 Balenciaga City Bag Colors for Fall 2014

Celine Pre-Fall 2014 Classic Bags

Celine Pre-Fall 2014 bags

Chloe Fall / Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Chloe Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2014 Bag Collection

 Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2014 Bag Collection

Dior Fall/Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Dior Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Mulberry Tessie Bags for Fall 2014

Mulberry Tessie Bags for Fall 2014

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