3.1 Phillip Lim’s Tin for Ten Bags


3.1 Phillip Lim Tin for Ten

Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, 3.1 Phillip Lim releases a collection of bags known as Tin for Ten – five limited-edition bags in metallic tin. The collection features iconic 3.1 Phillip Lim bags like the Pashli,Soleil and the 31 Hour backpack, bag and cosmetic zip pouch all in the same shinny tin leather.

We love the shinny Pashli Mini Satchel.

3.1 Phillip Lim Tin for Ten_02_Butterboom

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring Street Style – Day Three


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Fendi’s Delightful, Bird-Themes Resort Bags Now Available for Pre-Order


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PurseBlog Asks: Have You Been Shamed for Your Designer Bags?


If you’re a normal human who likes fashion and occasionally buys something nice for yourself, you’ve probably been shamed for it at some point, by someone. Friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, parents, coworkers, the parents of your kids’ friends–everyone’s got an opinion about how other people should spend their money. As it turns out, not even the rich and famous are immune from that kind of judgment; in her recent New York magazine cover profile, Joni Mitchell recounted being bag-shamed by Warren Beatty.

Mitchell, legendary folk music goddess and among the stars of a new Saint Laurent campaign, talks at some length in the profile about how famous men used her fashion choices as a way to criticize or belittle her, but the most specific story is about a Chanel bag (which sounds like it was a Chanel Classic Flap, based on her description) she carried in the 70s. Beatty, apparently unprompted, told her that such a bag was “an unbecoming purse for an artist”–that she was somehow undermining her own talent by owning and carrying a bag that she liked and could obviously afford.

The implication, as it so often is, is that only silly girls would find value or pleasure in fashion, and that silly girls are unable to have serious thoughts or interests or make serious art; that fashion devalues those associated with it. Unfortunately, that’s a familiar battle for most of us.

One of the upsides of working at PurseBlog is that I’m rarely bag-shamed anymore; people understand that my personal taste is part of my job, and they usually leave me alone about it. Living in New York City helps, too, because expensive bags are status symbols here in the way that cars are in most other cities. It wasn’t always that way, though; I can remember coworkers at previous jobs pestering me to tell them how much my bags cost even though I obviously didn’t want to, as well as well-meaning friends who were a little too interested in my spending habits.

Most memorable, though, was my college boyfriend. I found the PurseForum while we were dating and took a particular interest in Balenciaga bags. I bought a couple of pre-owned bags on eBay after careful research and saving as much cash as I could from my part-time job at Best Buy, and despite having expensive hobbies of his own, he thought that was frivolous and maybe dangerous. One day, he DVR’d an episode of Oprah that included a segment on compulsive spending and asked that I watch it.

I did watch it, even though I knew that a couple pre-owned bags did not a compulsion make. The show reinforced my belief that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, of course, and that my then-boyfriend was overreacting because I was interested in something that he thought was stupid. The other segment on that episode of Oprah featured the author of a book called Getting The Love You Want: A Guide for Couples; I ordered it on Amazon and had it delivered to his house. I’m sure it will shock you to hear that we eventually broke up.

That’s my worst tale of bag-shaming by far, and we’d like to hear yours in the comments.

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Luxury, edgy and easy, the newest arrivals of Stella McCartney Falabella Bags are offered in various models. The iconicFalabella collection for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 is defined by modern chic designs with glam and understated embellishments. Find out here on Fashionbashon the distinctive statement details of the latest American fashion designer’s accessories with the price list and detail.

Stella McCartney Falabella Tote Bags & Backpack Autumn Winter 2015-16

From fabulous fur tote with embroidery work, superb quilted deerskin handbag in several choices of soft, classic and metallic colors to the nonchalant textured snakeskin backpack in black leather, the iconic Stella McCartney Falabella Bags Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection is crafted from luxury materials enriched with glam yet refined braided chain trim and strap and other luxury signature details of the designer. Dedicated exclusively to refresh ladies accessories wardrobewithin the cold season, the Falabella has a new distinctive touch characterized by ultra-modern and effortless, playful and classic style with luxe vibe at the same time to accentuate a slouchy femininity and relaxed allure in every occasion.

  • Dicover here also the refined chic yet elegant Sac Rouge bag and other trendy chic yet contemporary clothing in Liu Jo FW 2015-16 Pre-Collection With Dree Hemingway

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags AW 2015-16: light grey quilted shaggy deer tiny tote

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags FW 2015-16: black studded quilted shaggy deer mini tote

First, what women cannot miss from the newest lines of Stella McCartney Falabella Bags collection is the charming diamond shaped tiny tote ($940.00) crafted in quilted shaggy deer and other luxury and eco-friendly materials with contrasting stitches detailing. Available in three cool color options; light grey, bright purple and the black mini tote($1,420.00) with voluptuous stud detail, this designer bag is also featuring minimalist and practical geometric structure enriched with chic, understated platinum braided chain trim appliqué and double handle with magnetic fastening closure for an easy, glam, effortless yet feminine look at any occasions.

  • To upgrade women’s luxury leather goods collection of the season, here also to see the intricate Mediterranean ceramics motif in blue and white featured in the latest lines of Dolce & Gabbana Blue Majolica Accessories AW 2016 Preview

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags FW 2015-16: ivory embroidered alter fur mini tote

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags AW 2015-16: camel alter fur mini tote

The latest Falabella bags of Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2015-16 is also the luxury chic mini tote ($1,400.00) in ivory white alter fur with embroidered fur detail at the center section. Available to pre-order this classy chic yet playful tote bag of the season is featuring functional internal zipped pocket with innovative press stud button fastening in the upper while the diamond cut braided chain handles and strap evoke a sensational glam yet seductive vibe in the evening, even within your everyday look as companion to any relaxed and fashionable outfits. For alternative we find also the delightful, statement alter fur mini tote ($1,260.00) without embroidery detail in three different color options; black, camel and grey.

  • To anticipate ladies fall wardrobe, discover also the cutting-edge and sumptuous lines of Chanel Messenger Bags 2015 Collection

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags AW 2015-16: black alter snake backpack

Glam chic and casual with innovative design, to enrich women’s accessories wardrobe the latest Falabella of Stella McCartney also shows a sporty yet nonchalant backpack ($1,595.00) crafted from textured snakeskin leather in shiny black featuring sumptuous braided chain trimming to emphasize a glamour accent combined with practicality touch to accompany a perfect girl’s energetic attitude in every occasion.

  • You cannot miss also the glamorous yet refined items proposed on the newest lines of Versace Palazzo Shoulder Bags Collection 2015

Devoted exclusively to update ladies FW 2015-2016 essentials closet, those are among the breathtaking lines of the iconic designer Falabella bag and tote collection by Stella McCartney we presented here in Fashionbashon.com with the price list and cutting-edge details. Distinguished by edgy, feminine and nonchalant vibe, discover more statement styles and shop the items above at


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Top 5 Bags with Buckles: We Just Click


Top 5 Bags with Buckles

The buckle: It’s one of those details that alternates between existing for purely functional reasons (read: to keep your belongings from flying out of your bag) and strictly decorative purposes (hefty hardware, anyone?). The best buckles do a bit of both: They hold it all together and they polish up and punctuate an otherwise unfinished bag. Here, my favorite buckles of the moment:

Top 5 Bags with Buckles

1. Maison Margiela Buckle Large Satchel: Count on Margiela to make a traditional, ladylike style feel avant-garde. Credit the monochrome buckle.

Top 5 Bags with Buckles

2. Alexander Wang Mini Rockie Pebbled Leather Satchel Bag: The shrunken version of Alex’s classic Rockie style is extra-cute, especially with buckle-topped rolled handles. 

Top 5 Bags with Buckles

3. Michael Kors Across-Body Bag: Subtly menswear-inspired, think of this proper but not prim crossbody as a riff on the classic spectator shoe.

Top 5 Bags with Buckles

4. Christopher Kane Medium Leather Bag: The Safety Buckle has become Kane’s signature, and for good reason. It’s at once utilitarian, unique, and unfussy.

Top 5 Bags with Buckles

5. Burberry Prorsum The Belt Suede Shoulder Bag: A big, chunky buckle on a chain-topped mini-bag shouldn’t be this cute – yet it’s absolutely adorable.

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