Kate Spade Saturday Full-Circle Straw Bag


kate_spade_saturday_full-circle-straw-bagWhile most brands have shifted their strategies and have gone upmarket, Kate Spade bucks the trend with Kate Spade Saturday, which like bigger sis Kate Spade focuses on bright colours, graphic shapes, and bold prints at an even more affordable price tag.

With their first store opened in Tokyo and an online presence that ships to all 50 states in the US, it will probably take a while for them to get to our part of the world. Still, it’s not too early to start checking them out, and one of the bags I think that’s pretty adorable is the Kate Spade Saturday Full-Circle Straw Bag.

Looking almost exactly like what Chanel did for S/S13, the concept is pretty much the same, a circular-shaped frame that’s fitted with a ‘bag’ in the middle. But unlike the one from Chanel that features quilted leather and a hula-hoop frame, this one from Kate Spade Saturday features a woven rattan frame and a gusseted canvas ‘pouch’ that’s bright yellow on the inside and packs 2 interior pockets.

Measuring 38 cm in diameter, you can say the USD120 bag is kinda Chanel in spirit, what with its striped black and white body that’s quite Coco. Just pin on a couple of vintage Chanel brooches and you’re good for a day out in the sun, be it for a picnic or shopping in town.

kate_spade_saturday_collectionAnd don’t forget to check out Kate Spade Saturday in detail, a treasure trove of all things fun, quirky and colourful.

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Kate Spade Classic Molly Backpack



And so it has begun.

Even Kate Spade has joined the ‘Backpack’ Club, soon we will have so many choices than we cannot pick.

I love backpacks; they are great and can be very handy. They are also easy to store essentials, especially when they are heavy like books or laptops. And I love the way it sits on our back.

But then, too many backpacks in your wardrobe is not cool. Backpacks are great for occasions, or travelling. Would you rather have 10 gorgeous tote bag or 10 backpacks?

Presenting the Kate Spade Classic Nylon Molly Backpack. If you are still searching for the backpack to suits your taste, but haven’t found any or don’t want to spend too much, then this is a great choice.

A girly bag with a front flap and featured with the signature of Kate Spade. What differentiates the Kate Spade Classic Molly Backpack form the rest is the functionality, it comes with a drawstring closure.

Made from durable woven nylon with crosshatched leather trim. The hardware is made from 14 karat light gold, with custom woven bookstripe print in the interior.

What to expect on the inside?

It comes with a zip and double slide pockets and one large empty space. They are available in classic colors like black and dark blue, or also in red.

Measuring 11.5’ x 9.5’ x 6’ (H x W x D), priced at $228 USD at Kate Spade e-store.




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