PurseForum Roundup


We made it through another week, Roundup readers! We know some of you are really getting hammered by winter weather, and we hope you can forget your woes and come along with us on our weekly romp through the PurseForum. Christian Louboutin caught our eyes this week, along with some new purchases in Proenza Schouler. You know there is lots more in store, so get comfortable and join us.

Christmas Tree

Today’s Christmas tree comes to you straight from Chanel. Cyndee has shared her tree, plus many more decorating ideas that will make any Chanel lover’s heart sing. For more Christmas trees, drop by the tPF Christmas Tree thread in Home and Garden. 

Another hot conversation in Chanel this week is happening in the Winter Sale thread, and this conversation comes with lots of pictures of the goodies that our members have snapped up.

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Also in Chanel, Styledbyher revealed a gorgeous new bag this week, and we are absolutely loving the bags we are seeing in “easy caviar.” For more on this great leather that really lives up to its name, visit this thread for lots of pictures and discussion.

There are many more reveals in Chanel this week, including this jumbo double flap from tsuarsawan,minionlove’s double reveal of her early Christmas presents and Rubysiopers01’s special reveal, which includes some great snaps that travelers will certainly appreciate.

Aloha in Sand

In the Jewelry Box, our jade lovers continue to send Courage, the traveling jade bangle around the world on her adventures. This week, Courage landed in Hawai’i, where junkenpo showed her the town in fine style. Elsewhere, Everything Posh showed off a nice reveal with a Christmas theme–be sure to check out her new Cartier Love bangle, with diamonds!

Rolex and Chanel Bag

Roundup regulars know we love to pop into the Layering and Stacking thread, and you should, too–there is a stack for every budget. This week, we pull out all the stops with our selection: Bling Addict certainly lived up to her name with her stack; we had to share this eyepopping combintation, which includes Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel, Cartier and Rolex!

Proenza Schouler Clutch

Do you love a bargain? If you do (and who doesn’t?), you will absolutely love this swoonworthy pochettefrom klynneann, whose first Proenza Schouler is a stunner with an out-of-this-world price tag! The conversation around the PS Spring 2015 colors just kicked off, and you will not want to miss it. Proenza Schouler‘s amazing rich colors never disappoint.

If you are on the hunt for your first PS bag, you will want to check out our Intel thread, as well as ourreference library, where you can find plenty of help when it comes time to make your selection.

Christian Louboutin Python Pumps

If you like your reveals with a dash of nostalgia and a look back at a blockbuster movie, then you will love what _Danielle_ has in store for you this week in Christian Louboutin. This cinematically rich revealincludes not one, not two but three pairs of incredible shoes, and we were hard pressed to choose just one to picture here. How’d we do? There are plenty of shoes to swoon over in TinaX’s collection thread, and you will want to sit down for this one.

Christian Louboutin Double Pumps

We couldn’t leave Louboutin without checking into the New Purchases thread, and honestly, there are so many wonderful shoes in there we needed to remember to breathe. For3v3rz shared some very pretty pumps, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Drop in to see what else our members have added to their already incredible collections–you won’t be sorry.

Tod's Boots

We didn’t forget about those of you who are slogging around in real weather, so here is a lovely pair of boots from Tod’s, brought to you by pattyui, who we think made a fine choice. Also, Frenziedhandbag scored a new wallet in one of our favorite colors. Tod’s is a quiet little subforum, but it’s definitely a place to find great leather goods.

Dior Bag

And speaking of lovely leather goods, look what smudlybear shared in Dior this week. Drop by this threadto see the surprise this little gem has inside and try the Dior Action thread for more Dior in the wild.


It’s time to wrap up this Roundup, and what better way to do it than with a tasty dessert from the I Ate This Thread in the Kitchen! We dropped in on a whim, and we are sure glad we did.

Stay safe and warm, dear friends. We know this is a busy and often stressful time of year, and we appreciate so much that you chose to spend a bit of your day with us here and on the PurseForum. Have a wonderful week and see you right here next week.

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PurseForum Roundup – 0725


Bottega Veneta Small Leather Goods

This is our last PurseForum Roundup of April, and most of us (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) are finally in springtime mode. This is certainly the case on the PurseForum, where the colors of spring we saw on the runway last year are finally finding homes in our members’ collections – and, more importantly, getting out and about! We found lots of pretty bags this week and cannot wait to show them to you!

Bottega Veneta Small Leather Goods

What a gorgeous combination! These super-saturated colors brightened our day immeasurably – Grietje’s new Bottega Veneta bag and wallet simply could not be prettier.Bottega Veneta does not have the busy front page that many brands do, but the wonderful reveals never disappoint. Speaking of saturation, gagabag is wondering if her new wallet is Fraise, or perhaps New Red, and members are hot on the case and happy to be helping out.

“Asked and answered” would have been, in retrospect, a great name for hotshot’s thread aboutchoosing which clutch to keep. This short-but-sweet thread is a perfect example of PurseForum members stepping in with just the right advice to help in a tough bag decision. Drop in and see what hotshot decided, and we will be watching for a reveal, too! Annie1 found herself in a bit of a bag dilemma as well, and reached out for help with an exchange that left her with some tough decisions.

Also, be sure to visit the Bottega Veneta Action thread to see these beautiful bags in action. Some of these purses live fabulously!

Coach Python Wallet

Unfortunately, things are not always rosy in our purse world. This week in Coach, we caught up with the sad tale of a bag gone missing. Fashionista1984′s bag was out for delivery and apparently wound up the wrong person, according to the thread. It’s a terrible shame, but at the same time we are touched by the support and helpful suggestions Fashionista1984 has received, and we join her Coach friends in keeping our fingers crossed for a good outcome.

The Coach mini-reveal thread had a very busy April, and what a variety! Canderson22 picked out a stylish wallet, and M.I.A. selected a Borough in teal, yet another example of why this popular bag flies off the shelves. For kicks, drop by the Daily Bag thread and follow kcoach’sbag journey, or read the true confessions in the Alterations thread, they are a hoot!

Coach Dome Bag

On our way out, we found a reveal of a lovely ecru and sea mist Preston – BellestChele did a terrific job of capturing the colors and workmanship of her new bag, and we’re so happy she shared with us.

Chanel Boy Bags

We found some good reading in the thought-provoking “Where are YOU in your closet?” threadKimTX started in the Wardrobe this week, as members wonder how to purge and select fashion that suits them and only them. Our ongoing Cleaning Out the Closet thread got a bump for spring and put lots of us in high gear to tackle this project. The The Onish a Month Club is also happily ticking along, though not all members are strictly adhering to the paradigm, as evidenced by JDN’s latest Chanel purchase. The Wardrobe also houses Wardrobe Accessories,full of discussions on scarves, sunglasses, and belts.


On our way out of Wardrobe Accessories, we found this fabulous shot from LadySarah – what an excellent scarf collection!

Valentino Floral Bags

There was plenty of excitement in Valentino this week as mga13 revealed her new Easter Rosier, a truly stunning addition to her bag family. Bgirl525 is looking for some help with a big shoe decision, and the discussion on the comfort of the Rockstud continues to be a hot topic for Valentino lovers. We are still waiting for a decision on the red clutch question posed byMolls, and foxgal is needing help with hardware. Valentino lovers will also love seeing our members wearing pieces from their collections in the Valentino in action thread, and the What are you wearing with that Valentino thread.

Givenchy Small Antigona Bag Blue

Givenchy has been sending beautiful and wildly popular bags down the runways and straight into our members’ collections for quite some time. Visiting our Givenchy subforum is always a pleasure, and this week certainly was no exception. After we feasted our eyes on this blue beautyfrom hrhsunshine, we stopped into hannahchloe’s new thread on all things Antigona, which looks to be a very promising destination for fans of this great bag.

Speaking of the Antigona, don’t miss pinsky777′s brand new black Antigona, a special birthday gift that our Givenchy fans were happy to share! Jadeaymanalac celebrated a birthday this week too, with this wonderful new bag, which is a perfect gift for any occasion!

Picture Frame Charm

Just as we were about to wrap up, a thread in the Jewelry Box caught our attention, and we wanted to share this great shot from restricter in the Jay Strongwater Charms thread. Lovers of charms and tiny, cute, sparkly things will enjoy the close-ups of these intricately beautiful charms, not to mention the deals! Enjoy, and be sure to visit the other threads in the Jewelry Box for plenty of eye candy!

We hope you enjoyed the Roundup, and thank you for joining us! May is soon afoot, which means time is flying. We hope you have had time to stop and smell the roses, or whatever flowers are in bloom in your area, and if not, be sure to take some time to do just that. Have a wonderful spring weekend, and look for us right back here in a week!

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PurseForum Roundup – 0802


PurseForum Roundup May 2

It’s May! Step away from the May Pole, Roundup Readers, it’s time to see what our PurseForum family has been up to this week.

Colorful reveals caught our eye in Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton this week, and we dropped intoBeauty and Makeup to check in on the fabulous gift exchanges. All this and more awaits, so get comfortable and join us!


In Louis Vuitton, we caught a thread with our two favorite words – Instant Reveal, and joined in as Iamgreen3 shared her new bag from Japan.

Annilynedr also had a quick reveal of some pre-loved items perfect for spring, andlacedwithlove shared her new bag, wallet, and bracelet in a very pretty first reveal. Please drop into her thread to see the beautiful family photos!

PursePassionLV picked up something from Paris this week, and included a picture of theLouis Vuitton Paris Flagship store, or “Mother Ship” as we like to call it. There have been lots of additions to the “What’s in Your LV” thread in April, so if you are looking for ideas on organizing your bag, or thinking a small leather good (SLG) purchase may be in your future, you will definitely want to visit this fast-moving thread.


On our way out, we found a bracelet reveal from merc_g that we wanted to share. We dont often see these on PurseForum, and this one was so stylish we thought you would enjoy a peek.


In Body-Mind-Wellness, our Health and Fitness subforum has been very busy. We welcomedPrecious_UK who has begun an amazing fitness journey, and is receiving lots of support and encouragement. Our threads for Weight Watchers, The PF Running Club, and the always busyFitness Support conversation are all buzzing as members look to one another to ease off those pesky plateaus and motivation lapses.

Fashionable mommies and mommies-to-be gather in Pregnancy and Parenting to discuss everything from teething to Trying To Concieve (TTC) to teething, and this week we found out that surprised mommy-to-be anglarry04 is having a… well, on second thought visit this threadto find out.

If you are a PurseForum member, you will be able to visit our Relationships and Familysubforum, where we have lots to say on every imaginable relationship issue. If you need a laugh, the Worst Date Ever thread should be a required stop!


We love makeup. And clearly we are not alone. Beauty and Makeup is a huge destination on the PurseForum, and its subforums (Make-up, Nail Care, and The Beauty Bar), like most, are places where friendships begin. In the Beauty Bar, this month’s Beauty Product Swap Boxes, and Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) events are in full swing. We love to check in on these gifting events, which are a constant feature in the Beauty Bar.

The Beauty Swap Box is in Round Eleven (!!) and we peeked in for a status check there and in the RAOK thread, where we found some tantalizing gift selections.

And, if you need some ideas for Mother’s Day or an upcoming purchase for yourself, April’s hauls in the Recent Beauty Purchases will give you plenty of inspiration.


In Nail Care, another exchange box is making the rounds, and the Easter Bunny Swap reveal tops the charts this week, too. We also visited the Nail Art thread, and found some really cute manicures for spring, including this ladybug themed nail art from *NYC Princess*.


Balenciaga fans are helping Tanasiluv with an important decision: her first Balenciaga purchase. These kinds of threads always provide lots of valuable input whether you are on the verge of a purchase or just thinking ahead. Members who have made their choice but are either still saving or waiting for a delivery gather in the Waiting Room, which is also peppered with beautiful reveals when the wait is over!

Slc9 revealed her first Balenciaga this week, and selected a black City to start her collection, andElainePG went an entirely different direction and selected a sunny yellow City for her April purchase.

DearestGirl went an entirely different direction and got three bags! We found another sunny yellow bag reveal from petuniaperiwink, but she still has some uncertainties about her new bag, so feel free to weigh in here.

We know the color and bag choices for any brand can be overwhelming, and if you are scratching your head over all the Balenciaga colors and styles, drop by the Reference Libraryfor help.


We made a couple of quick stops around the forum to see what caught our eye, and foundizzue’s charming umbrella reveal in Goyard. Also in Goyard, members are discussing acustomer service situation that is proving to be quite an interesting conversation. (Oh, and don’t miss izzue’s wonderful luggage piece, too.)


Another quick stop, this time in the Bag Showcase subforum led us on a happy adventure inPurseholicMY’s Collection Thread, where we found this brilliant fuschia Bayswater among a treasure trove of more fabulous bags. If you haven’t visited the Bag Showcase, head over at your earliest convenience for stories and photographs of incredible bags and collections. That gorgeous bag is a perfect way to end our first Roundup of May.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend, and send our thoughts and prayers out to all who are affected by severe weather in Oklahoma and Texas and surrounding states. We hope you all have a safe and happy week ahead, and look forward to sharing another PurseForum Roundup with you next week.

Thank you for sharing your Friday with us!

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PurseForum Roundup – 0809


Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

Another Friday means another PurseForum Roundup, in which we bring to you a look at some of the topics being discussed and bags being purchased at our busy conversation hub. This week, shoes are on tap, as well as money and careers, and of course bags! Welcome to the best way to end the week!

Christian Louboutin Feather Strass Sandals

It’s been a while since we meandered over to Christian Louboutin, so we made a quick visit to remedy that situation. Once there, we found a new collection thread that was, in a word, astonishing. Please make sure you are comfortably seated and stop in to see what mrsjcfk has in her shoe closet. You will not be sorry!

Member Stephanie*** has a new bag, and the action thread is getting busy now that spring is in full swing. Speaking of spring, CEC.LV4eva’s collection thread is full of wonderful spring fashion from head to toe.

Sophia Webster Neon Gladiator Sandals

In the Glass Sipper, members discuss shoes from the rest of the galaxy of designers, and we always find plenty of variety. You can imagine that the Chic Ways to Wear Birkenstocks thread is getting popular as the weather warms up, and our very own Charlotte Olympia thread is always bubbling over with fun shoes.

We missed Robyn Loraine’s collection when she first posted – if you did too, be sure to stop inhere and take in the full measure of whimsey. SongbirdDiva revealed her new Sophia Webster shoes, above, and we spend some time poking around the thread to see more of the amazing footwear from this exciting brand. The Glass Sipper is a great place to see shoes of every stripe and design in action – modeling shots and commentary about sizing, comfort and even shopping tips make it a must for the savvy shoe shopper!

Baby Cake

If you remember last week’s Roundup, we had a baby gender reveal in Pregnancy and Parenting. Well, this week we want to share another – one with a culinary twist in The Kitchen– as one of our favorite foodies (and shoe lovers), needloub, shared her party with us. And, once again, we are going to leave you guessing!

Roundup readers know how much we love to visit the I Ate This thread, and we hope you do too; if you do, be sure to take a look at the beautiful apple tart with vanilla bean custard and earl grey crust from ninja_please.

Also in The Playground, we have some interesting discussions underway in our Money Talksforum. Recent news has led us to ponder the end of tipping in America, and how to pay for college. 

Money Talks hosts discussions on wonderfully diverse topics, including cutting back on expenses, helping out parents with money troubles and real estate. We also visited Career and Workplace to see what kind of Dream Jobs were on our members’ minds. Some of their answers made us smile, and we’re sure you’ll have the same reaction!

Mulberry Bayswater Bag

In Mulberry, where it always feels like family, members are discussing the brand’s new pricing structure, among other things. Gracie12 is “chuffed to bits” over her new Lily,  we learned what a “fat rascal” is in Fifitrix’s York shopping thread, and Dovey123 showed off a pretty new bag and scarf. 

Donna1983 had a problem that is not particular to Mulberry – the dreaded unwanted Bag Sag– and got plenty of help from the group, and in the process we got to see more gorgeous Bayswater bags whose sag problems are well in hand, thank you very much. You can seeDonna1983′s impressive before and after pictures right here. PurseForum to the rescue!

Oh, and this quick reveal from LittleFox was too good to pass up!

Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

It feels like it’s been a while since we have had a brilliant blue bag front and center in our Roundup, but this week we found a beauty in Proenza Schouler: a PS1 revealed byamandacasey in all its glory. We love purples as much as we love the blues, and along with PS fans, we were treated to a nice report on orchid from ruthfmc, who is absolutely thrilled with her choice.

Ana16kin got her first PS1 this week, and we loved the bag charms almost as much as her new classic bag! Of course, we also can’t get enough red in our lives and were happy to round out our visit to Proenza Schouler with this rich red reveal from veneti, whose first PS1 really packs a pop of color!

Givenchy Nightingale Bag

Givenchy also treated us to a rich red moment this week – feast your eyes on this carmine red Nightingale from lucky member hrhsunshine! Other conversations in Givenchy include awelcome to Tiare, who is brand new to the brand, a reveal of a brilliant fuchsia Antigona fromfuyumi, and a peek at the love that keeps on coming for missjenn’s crocodile stamped Antigona, too!

Givenchy Pandora Outfit

We often suggest our readers visit the Action threads in our designer subforums, and for good reason. Our members hail from every corner of the globe, and their tastes cover every possible style represented in the fashion spectrum. We love to see the creative ensembles featuring designer bags, shoes, and accessories shared by members across all of our designer forums. We found this shot of hrhsunshine in the Givenchy action thread, and thought it was a great way to round out our Roundup!

With that, we leave you to another spring weekend and hope it’s a wonderful one. We look forward to visiting with you again next week and sharing what we find taking place on the PurseForum, where fashion is only the beginning! Happy weekend to all!

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PurseForum Roundup – 0716


Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

Well look at that, we’re midway through May! Our members are out and about shopping, traveling and, of course, snapping photographs of their bags and fashion ensembles. We caught up with Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo this week, and made a stop in The Wardrobewhere we found a great new thread well worth a visit. All this and more awaits in thePurseForum Roundup, so come on in!

Jimmy Choo Melba Booties

“Who is up for a reveal?” was the question posed by LornaLou in Jimmy Choo this week, and the answer is, “Who isn’t?!” LornaLou showed off her gorgeous new Melba booties – her very first Jimmy Choo purchase – and they are as cute as can be. Somehow we missed Yuan0260′sreveal of her first Jimmy Choo shoes back in February, but our members are still complimenting her sparkly purchases, and we are, too. MsTran87 also chose sparkle as the theme for her very first pair of Jimmy Choos this week.

All of this led us to wonder if perhaps a sale is underway, so we checked the retailers thread for sales – just as you should if you’re contemplating a fashion purchase. All across the PurseForum, our members constantly hunt for bargains and sales and post them in retail, sales, or bargains threads for all to see and share.

Louis Vuitton Bag

This week in Louis Vuitton we are discussing the lawsuit concerning trade secrets, of course – but that is not all that is on our members’ minds. We know many of you share our love of peeking inside other peoples handbags (we even have a special feature on PurseBlog for that very thing), and in Louis Vuitton, we wandered over to the WIYB (What’s in Your Bag) thread and found some very interesting ensembles.

Isis23 packs her Speedy with small leather goods (SLGs), andbagjunkie1997 unquestionably takes first prize at organizing her Speedy’s copious contents! And if you are wondering if a Speedy can double as a mommy bag, Liaxx has your answer right here.

Louis Vuitton Boxes

Our members were also busy shopping, and Miacostigan shared her new Tivoli in this breathtaking reveal. If you would like to see what is in all of those gorgeous brown boxes, drop into OSURxTN’s thread to see what she picked up on her pre-wedding shopping spree. This is just a small sampling of what is going on in Louis Vuitton this week!

Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag

This month in the Wardrobe, divanata cleverly started a wonderful thread dedicated to fashion for women of “a certain age.” There are plenty of us out there, and this thread on glamour and styling is already a popular conversation. Even if you are not “of a certain age,” the commentary is brilliant and the thread makes for a fun read full of great photographs. Interestingly, an older thread featuring modest dressing has appeared on page one, and we spent quite a bit of time looking over these incredible fashions and hope to see more in the future.

We always visit the Outfit of the Day thread when we are in the Wardrobe, and now that the weather is warming up for most of our PurseForum family, plenty of fun casual looks and chic summer styling are popping up. We loved this black and white with a pop of crimson fromtiffany_bbagsforever’s cool blue London street style and ellapretty’s super striped maxi dress and jean jacket. All of the ladies in this thread are so inspiring!

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Chanel is one of our busiest subforums, and always includes several reveals on page one, which always puts us on the spot: how to choose a photo to feature in the segment? It was a hard choice, because we have had totes on the brain lately, and this classic and undeniably splendid Grand Shopper Tote enthusiastically revealed by MissCa stole our hearts. We also absolutely loved the photographs in hollyyih’s reveal of her new Now and Forever flap from Cruise 2014,so here it is!

Peckita got some new shoes for summer, and Nurzy Hamzy added something colorful to her Chanel family and shared a family photo, too. We were still in the mood to look inside your bags, so we visited the busy WIYB thread as well. The venerable Vintage Chanel Thread has popped up on page one, and we are not ashamed to say that we took a leisurely trip down memory lane and saw some amazing bags (and deals).

Chloe Marcie Bag

While reveals are always popular, the PurseForum also boasts a treasure trove of information about shopping, styling and maintenance of our favorite shallow obsession. This week in Chloé,RedEyedAssassin shared a problem with her beautiful Indian Summer Marcie bag. Though at press time we had not yet seen the black marks, we are definitely interested in the mysterious marks on this beautiful bag and what our members will suggest as a remedy.

By the way, KatyEm also has a brand new Marcie in cashmere grey. If you are interested inChloé, the shopping subforum has some hot information on sales right now, so be sure to visithere before you make your purchase.

Bottega Veneta Clutches Louis Vuitton Train Case

Our visit to Chloé was a quick one, so we swung into the Bag Showcase, and you will be glad we did! This is just a teaser of what is in store for you when you visit world of B’s collection thread, so put your feet up, get comfortable and prepare to be delighted!

That closes out another edition of our PurseForum Roundup, and we thank you for joining us. We love sharing the Forum’s conversations and handbags with all of you, and we hope to see you again right here here in a week. In the meantime, have a lovely spring week and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

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PurseForum Roundup – 0723


Balenciaga Yellow City Bag

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer in the US! In America, we traditionally ring in summer on Memorial Day, which falls on Monday, May 26th, this year. We have been looking forward to summer since Christmas, it seems! This week, signs of summer were everywhere – in Balenciaga, we found a particularly sunny yellow bag ready for summer. We also visited Home and Garden and some other designer destinations, so come on along and join us in this week’s PurseForum Roundup!

Purple Coach Bag

In Coach, LovingLV81′s reveal of new sunglasses reminded us that bags are not the only way to usher in summer, and LocaLady started off the new Lets Share Rainbows thread with colorful a bag lineup that has everybody talking.

Deep purple isn’t exactly a color of summer, but rose10′s new bucket bag is so on point with the season’s trend – and we love purple – so we could not resist! This lacquer blue Georgie fromfrivofrugalista certainly has a summer sky vibe, and we love this wearable style. May has been a busy month for our Official Coach Spring 2014 thread, too, so be sure to catch up on the styles in the boutiques at the moment.

Purple Decor

Roundup regulars know we love to visit the non-bag areas of the PurseForum and share glimpses into our members’ lives outside of their bag collections. This week, Home and Garden has been very busy, with discussions on every topic you could imagine. In the Newest Decor Items thread, we found this gorgeous shot of peaceonearth’s new throw, just one of the many stylish new purchases revealed over the last month.

We also have a lively NYC rents rant, a discussion on candle scents and a thought-provoking discussion on whether members are content with their current houses. Our Playground has something for everyone, including discussions of current events, the hottest TV shows and a popular forum dedicated to our pets – Animalicious.

Balenciaga Yellow City Bag

In Balenciaga, we stopped by the March/April purchases thread and found this cheery bag that has found a home with Dils. We also spotted a gorgeous new Day in a color Roundup readers will know made us swoon – congratulations to peachylv on this periwinkle beauty! Nothing says summer like a ripe tangerine, and gettinpurseonal showed off her new-to-her Balenciaga Day bags – two as-new bags for the price of one, an irresistible bargain.

Fellow lovers of purple will enjoy rainneday’s new raisin City; if a handy hip bag is more your thing, you will love this soft grey Hip from Heart Star. On another note, Balenciaga regulars are well versed in the strap connundrum – specifically, the difficulties associated with ordering custom straps from Balenciaga – and the topic regularly appears on page one of the Balenciaga subforum.

This week, however, the subject has taken a turn for the better as porscheNchanel shared herbrand new custom strap for her Arena Classic. We love how our PurseForum members help one another solve these nagging issues, and we love seeing their reveals even more.

Hermes Arm Party

We visited the Jay Strongwater charms thread in the Jewelry Box last month, and this week we see that plenty more charms have been added, so do stop by and see the growing collection – we found a favorite, have you? We also have an interesting new thread on jewelry myths and superstitions that makes for some fascinating reading.

Speaking of which, an evil eye bracelet takes center stage in this splendid stack fromCartierangel in the Layering and Stacking thread; the evil eye also has its own thread in case you are interested in more on this particular motif.

Ring Sketch and Final Product

In the Engagement Ring thread, we all had a lot of fun watching the progress of Chilean’scustom engagement ring creation for his upcoming proposal. Our members were generous with feedback during the process, and thrilled to see the final result. Now we are just waiting to hear how the proposal went (and waiting for our wedding invitations, of course).

Rebecca Minkoff In The Bag Coin Purse

We thought we would close out the Roundup with a couple of quick reveals around the PurseForum. In Rebecca Minkoff, we found Liyanamz’s very cute Cory Pouch in the May Purchases thread. RM fans have other styles and purchases on their minds, so feel free to come on over and see what they are up to.

Mulberry Del Rey Bag

In Mulberry, MetLen’s new aubergine Del Rey topped the charts, and for good reason. This pretty bag was not the only excitement in Mulberry, however – we also caught up with the Spring sale and reveals from aerihna and handbagahholic, among others.

Again, we wish you a very happy Friday, Roundup readers, and a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We hope you have time to visit with family and enjoy fine weather, wherever you are. We look forward to seeing you right here next week for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup!

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