If you choose for Hermes, do not think even for a minute about bragging. Showing off is not the typical Hermes way of fashion. That’s why you never see oversized logos, exaggerated colors, accessories that scream for attention.

Hermes simply does not need to design such things.

This brand is about luxury, feminine, minimalistic and elegant. The leather alone is sufficient proof for others to see that it’s made from the best quality. It’s effortless, you do not need to brag. If anyone ask: ‘What’s that?’, you simple respond: ‘Oh this is a Hermes’ (with a smile), and that’s all what they need to know.

Hermes is one of the few designer brands that I admire, whatever they do, quality is always the top priority. The Birkin and Kelly are still made in the same way, with the same materials, even though the price increase regularly, but you never get disappointed because of the leather.

Here I present you the Hermes Bearn Wallet. It’s a long wallet with a simple exterior design, but the silver ‘H’ logo on the strap is enough to make us drool. Measuring 7’ x 3.5’, crafted from goatskin or Epsom calfskin, and lined with lambskin.

You can find 5 credit card slot in the interior and 2 additional pockets. The signature ‘Hermes Paris’ has been printed in the center. It also comes with a zip pocket to store all your coins.

A functional wallet for your designer bag, it comes in four different colors: Aztec blue, Izmir blue, Orange or black.







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Kim Kardashian Debuts Hermès Bag Painted by Baby North


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We Did the Math: Here’s What Kris Jenner’s Hermès Collection is Worth


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Hermes has made the world’s most beautiful handbags like the famous Birkin and Kelly. But beautiful and functional are two different things. And when the two are combined, you get something very special – the Hermes Mini Halzan Bag.

Four bags in one – you can transform the Hermes Mini Halzan Bag in four different kinds of bag; an evening clutch, a long shopping tote, a cross body bag or a shoulder bag. So which one do you prefer today?

There is no bag as flexible as the Mini Halzan Bag and any form is fashionable and stunning. The front is made with a buckle, so adjust it to your comfort.

But what’s more importantly are the color and overall design. Single color is not only simple, but you can wear it at work, during the weekends or on holiday (in almost every occasions). Simplicity means that the bag can adjust to your outfit.

Final note.

We’ve presented the Hermes Halzan Medium Bag not long ago. The Mini version is new and we really like the smaller size of it.

READ: Hermes Halzan Medium Bag.








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Hermès Evelyne III



Considering I have 2 of these (3 if you count the mini one that I sold away awhile back), it’s a surprise even to myself that I haven’t blogged about them yet. Honestly I can’t remember either (#oldpeoplebrain) but it wouldn’t matter to those new to this blog so we might as well start over.

One of the most affordable of bags you’ll ever find at Hermès (which is already one good reason to consider investing in it for yourself), the Evelyne III is also as straight-forward as it gets, a saddle-shaped sling that comes with a snap-button closure and an outside pocket for easy access.

On the other side, all you’ll find is a perforated H, which is also the side that’s supposed to be on your body when you are carrying this bag. Why? Because the holes are purely functional and meant to allow air circulation between the bag and your body when carried over long periods of time, be it in the full leather or twill canvas (shown above) versions. In other words, carrying the H on the outside is just showing off and a definite no-no.

Made available with an adjustable sling, it’s also lightweight, hardwearing and comes in a huge array of colours, which makes putting down good money for them so much easier. Available in three sizes (the PM measures 30 cm by 29 cm, the GM is 33 cm by 31 cm and the TGM which comes in at 42 cm by 40cm), I actually prefer the GM for casual weekends when one’s cafe-hopping-movie-watching-window-shopping and don’t really need to carry that much around.

Colours are seasonable and pretty much depends on what’s available when you walk into any Hermès store, but for those who are keen, there are full leather GM ones at Scotts Square (Black) and Ngee Ann City (Pink and Yellow) where they are priced atSGD5300 apiece.

And if anyone sees a Evelyne III GM in Vert Anglais (a stunning deep olive green), do let me know, ok?

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As an extension of our previous post, we’d like you to meet the Hermes Small Silk’in Wallet. Oh, forget about our previous post? We talked about the same wallet but in the medium size. Here’s a reminder: Hermes Silk’in Wallet.

So what’s so special about this wallet?

You see, Hermes is not only about leather or craftsmanship. It’s much more than that – and no, we’re not talking about status and the steep price tag. We’re talking about art.

Hermes loves to make sophisticated patterns, especially with silk. So we present to you the Hermes Small Silk’in Wallet in Epsom Calfskin. It’s colored in orange, but the interior is enriched with printed silk lining and it’s called ‘Della Cavalleria’.

Use it as a change purse, measuring 8 x 8 cm, priced at €330 euro or £290 GBP via Hermes e-store.


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