Dior Futuristic Pointed Pumps

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The good thing about spring is that grey clouds are history and trees are turning green. You can say ‘bye bye’ to your winter clothes and start saying ‘hello’ to summer fashion. For Spring and Summer, all fashion brands are going wild and start to throw vibrant colors to their new collection; but that’s okay because colors are what we crave for; the more, the better.

DIOR introduced a new futuristic design of pumps with transparent, elegant and distinctive heels that gradually change into the color of the shoes. With pointy toe, feminine curves and crafted from the higher luxurious materials, it’s the ultimate elegant footwear.

Christian Dior used to say: ‘Pumps go with everything’, so start playing with your clothes and get the best outfit to show the world, walk downtown like you are on a runway.

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