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Introducing the Dior Connect Bag. The Connect Bag comes in two styles, Tote and Duffel bags. Both bags are made of thick leather with suede interior. It was first seen during the Spring/Summer 2016 runway show. The open tote bag includes a small pouch. Both bags features the DIOR charms. The bag might be heavy to carry due the thick leather, but it’s perfect to use for travelling or weekend trips.

Style & Price


Dior Connect Tote Bag
Dior Connect Duffel Bag


Dior White Connect Tote Bag 2Dior White Connect Tote Bag 3

Dior White Connect Tote Bag 4Dior White Connect Tote Bag 5
Dior White Connect Tote Bag 1Dior Tan Connect Tote Bag 3
Dior White Connect Tote Bag 6Dior Tan Connect Tote Bag 4
Dior Tan Connect Tote Bag 1Dior Tan Connect Tote Bag 2
Dior Tan and White Connect Duffel BagsDior White Connect Duffel Bag

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The Diorever Bag has been released in store and in all imaginable sizes. Though this bag is available in single colors, Dior has also made several options in different patterns and leathers. The leather choices are bullcalf leather, in metallic calfskin, in suede calfskin and if in exotic choices like crocodile.

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Covered with cutting-edge urban attitude, the Diorever Bag might be the one to become the next iconic bag – it has a strong and bold character, it’s embellished with the same crest-shaped clasp like the one on the Diorama Flap Bag. And what’s even more exciting; the flap is reversible.

This bag is actually the tote version of the Diorama Bag. It comes with an adjustable strap – you can carry it with your hand, on the shoulder or even cross body.








Mini Diorever Bag
Size: 21 x 17 x 17 cm

Medium Diorever Bag
Size: 30 x 23 x 16 cm

Large Diorever Bag
Size: 34 x 26 x 17 cm




















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Dior Mania Chain Wallet



The chain wallets are perfect for the evenings and the weekend nights, store only your necessary essentials and no more, like your credit card or ID. Then combine it with the best outfit that you can find in your wardrobe. Nothing can stop you from being glamorous.
A red daring Christian Dior Chain Wallet, beautified with silver hardware, it feels luxurious like it should be. The design is not only eye-catching, but also very classy. Oh, do you notice the CD initials, how many times have you spotted something like this on a Dior Bag? Tres Chic right?
A true statement maker, it instantly lift your spirit, preparing you for the spotlights and making the nights even more exciting because you will be flaunting effortless. Oh, it’s name? The Dior mania Rendez-Vous Wallet in Glossy Fuchsia, crafted with love and care, made from grained calfskin.
The interior composed of one zipped pocket, two gusset compartments, one flat pocket and 16 credit card slots. The chain can be detached, so you can change it into a clutch whenever you want. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm, the chains are 35 cm. The Dior Mania Rendez-Vous Wallet is priced €530 euro’s or £500 GBP. The Dior Mania Evasion Wallet is priced at €400 euro’s or £370 GBP.




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Do you want a wallet that’s forever? You know, the one that can be your favorite and never disappoints you. Well, presenting the Lady Dior Eden Wallet.

A nice extension if you already own the iconic Lady Dior Bag. Especially when you have it in black lambskin. See the Eden Wallet as a baby version and without it, the collection is not complete.

Designed in beautiful Cannage Topstitching, a unique work of art. It features the DIOR charm on the side. The interior is made with 2 flat pocket, a billfold-pocket and 6 credit card slots. There is even an exterior zipped pocket, though the size is small.

For those that do not want Lamsbkin, it’s also available in patent calfskin. The size is measured 9 x 11.5 cm, priced at €460 euro or £400 GBP.






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Last week we shared an unfortunate message – ‘Ladies the Panarea tote Bag is no more’. We had received news from the SA that they were going to discontinue the Panarea Bag and the ones that were still in stock were the last pieces.

But what the heck! The updated version of the Panarea Bag was not even loved by everyone; most of the Dior fans loved the previous-style. The previous style was thicker, quilted and softer. The new style was flat.

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So Dior decided to stop the production of the Panarea Bag, maybe because it was not a success. Maybe…maybe… but we have an existing story to share with you. The fashion house has just released a new bag and it’s the Dior UltraDior Bag (Yes, the Ultra and Dior are stitched together).

Let’s be fair, when you look at the UltraDior, what do you see? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, it looks quite a lot like the Panarea Bag, doesn’t?.

Here’s what Dior is telling: ‘it’s combined with elegance and practicality, the perfect shopper with practical lining all along the zip fastening. Super comfort especially when you carry it on your shoulder. It features topstitched Cannage motif which is both supple and resistant, crafted from calfskin, refined with Dior charms, it’s an everyday essential’.

Measuring 33 x 28 x 13.5 cm, priced at £1450 GBP and €1800 euro.



The differences between Dior Panarea Bag and the UltraDior bag…


Dior Panarea Bag (discontinued)

So what are the differences? The UltraDior is squared, it features long chain handles for carrying on your shoulder. The DIOR charm on the Panarea Bag matches to the color of the bag, the DIOR charm of the UltraDior is different. Both bags are designed with the new-modern Cannage top stitching motif. This kind of design is well known for its durability.

The Dior Panarea Bag has two sizes: medium and large. The medium is sized at 35 x 29 x 17 in cm while the large size is measured 40 x 31 x 18 in cm. The medium was priced at €850 euro and large size is €950 euro.

So what’s the conclusion? The Dior Ultra Bag is made more luxurious and therefore more expensive. The price is €1800 euro versus €850 euro for the large size of the Panarea Bag.

So what do you think?





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Covet That Classic: Lady Dior



Do you find yourself unable to walk pass the windows of Dior without a double take at the exquisite bags in the store front? You’re not alone!

Rare is the beautiful Lady Dior bag in iconic Dior “Cannage” stitching, especially in exotic crocodile or python leather. I’ve always wanted to own this perfect top-handle tote in medium size, though I’m often spoilt for choice between the five available sizes, from micros to large shopper totes.


The Lady Dior, created in 1994, met instant success. It embodies a strong identity and elegance, carried by hand or worn over the shoulder. This perfect tote also comes in popular smooth lambskin and shiny patent leather. I lean towards the nude lambskin beauty though I’m split between gold or silver hardware.


This classic bag was named after Princess Diana, though it wasn’t always Diana’s bag. Originally named Chouchou–meaning favourite, the transformation happened when Diana, Princess of Wales, was photographed with the handbags several times over. Dior soon baptised Lady Dior as a tribute to her. As I would, for this lady of great philanthropic works and unrivalled elegance.

Although the design appears simple, true quality never can be. Over a minimum of eight hours and several craftsmen in a workshop in Italy are involved in the making of each bag. 130 pieces of sanded, dyed leather hand-stitched and manually cut, to form the structure of the bag is protected at the base with 43 pieces of metal fused together. So when you’re purchasing a Lady Dior, you’re investing in a lovingly made quality piece.


But what gives the Lady Dior its couture style? It’s a combination of its cannage stitching on quilted leather, the feminine and elegant arched handle, and not to forget, the lovely jewellery charms–four letters spelling D-I-O-R–that sway and jingle delicately with every step. Way to make an elegant entrance!

Beyond the patent and lambskin leather variations, many of the Lady Diors feature intricately rendered floral close-ups, as well as exquisite tweed exteriors and exotic leathers. To add a piece of each to my collection is my dream museum!

Indeed, Lady Dior has become one of the most iconic accessories and bears the mark of the House of Dior’s inimitable style. Own this classic bag emblematic of Dior and pair it with feminine flair and confidence, like I did, today!
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