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Every bag has its own ‘thing’, if you know what I mean. One is purely made to look classy, the other one is built to be strong and forever (no more baby-ing yeah…) and that one… that one… is because we just need it in our life – remember something being a woman means no-need-to-explain-our-actions, right?.

Well, the Loewe Amazona bag was made to symbolize our liberty (our, we, woman), but there hasn’t been a designer bag on the market that can be flattened and folded, just like a big towel. Does it fit in my bookshell?

It’s cleverly designed and roomy too, ideal for travelling as saves so much space. Perhaps I will buy two, one for my shoulder and one folded inside – in case of limited-space-crisis. Well, let’s bang some features shall we?

From the latest 2014 ‘Skin’ Collection, tada…the Loewe Origami Cubo Bag. So what’s new? Inspired by the geometric shape. Built with two handles to use as a carry-one and it comes with a bandolier strap of 40 cm. The French calf is finished with a burnishing technique; refined with a glossy look.

Measuring 24 x 22 x 23 cm, it comes in different colors; nude, black and brown. At Loewe boutique or e-store for $2.150 USD or €1.400. J’ adore, et toi?



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