Hermes Leopard Beach Bags



The summer is around the corner and that means…

It’s time to invest in a summer bag – one that is easy, comfortable and immune against the sun. You know that leather bags and the sun are not the best combination, right?

The summer bag needs to fulfill some requirements; starting of with ‘light weighed’, ‘easy-to-clean’, ‘stylish’, ‘distinctive’ (important!), ‘great as a beach bag or for picknick’, ‘doesn’t complain when we go on a city tour’.

We think we got it.

Hermes presents the Leopard Beach Bags in different beautiful colors. The brand is again using artful prints like a leopard with jungle-like plants drawing.

Made from cotton, the handles are very comfortable and the bag extremely durable for carrying all your personal items and summer essentials. It’s a like a luxurious tote bag with its timeless design.

The Hermes Leopard Beach Bags come with a removable pouch inside, it’s available in fuchsia, blue and beige. Priced at $2175 USD via Hermes store.






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Christian Louboutin Cloudy Beach Flats

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Before the sun heats up the beach and you are ready to get a summer-tan, we’d like to show certain ‘must haves’ that we know you will like to add to your outfit. I like the name as well as the design of this pair of Christian Louboutin Cloudy Beach Flats and just for your information – it’s made to walk on dry sand and also for walking through your most prestigious streets in town.

Cloudy because it’s pure white and beach because of the glistening glitter T-strap, inspired by the work of the world-famous french artist Henri Matisse; a painter, sculptor, printmaker and known for his use of colors and his fluid draughtsmanship.

According to Louboutin: ‘Cloudy Beach Flat is wonderfully whimsical little lady and a true piece of Loubie art’. I think those few words sums up its creation. But honestly, for a pair of flats, priced at $695, wouldn’t you rather spend it somewhere else? Then again, it’s fashion, when you love it, you got to have it and no rational reason can stop you. When you’re hooked, even an iron wall must make way.

Perhaps having just one special pair wouldn’t do any harm right? Gulp! At Christian Louboutin boutique for more sizes or e-store.

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