Givenchy Fall 2014 Bag Collection



A short note about Riccardo Tisci’s Fall 2014 inspiration – The new release is an evolution from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, Riccardo is pushing hard the boundaries between masculinity and femininity; red, beige and black intertwine with earthy tones of okra, copper and saffron, the pyramid bags in mink leather to create a taller form for the modern urban look. The new Rave Bags are sophisticated but simple in colors and shape.

Take a look at the iconic accessories of Givenchy, the unusual Pandora box bag, Lucrezia bag, the HDG tote, the Nightingale Bag and never forget, the Givenchy Antigona Shoulder Bag. Let’s start from the beginning, the Pandora box is completely in silver, the mirror leather reflects and you can actually use it to do your make-up.

The Lucrezia Bag are in smooth leather and colored in light pink, ideal for the summer in your white skirt and comfortable sandals. Nightingale is still the most classic in black, and now it’s released in waxed leather, refined with silver studs. The Mini Antigona can steal anyone’s heart without effort, the mini in purple nubuck is now as soft as your pillow. Or give the tri-colour grained leather antigona a chance, complete in subtle blue.

The Givenchy Antigona Obsesia handbag is the new crave, new shades have been released for the Fall 2014 Collection; ocean blue and beige, which one you like?










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Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection Preview 2



Fashion is about being able to be creative, being YOU and let your fantasy reflect to your outfit by combining the right colors, clothes, accessories and bags.

The supermarket concept wasn’t bad at all, it was the first and probably the last time you will ever GOT the chance to buy Chanel-inspired food. Even for me, I wished I went there, took a basket and buy like I would be on shopping spree at Champ Elysees Paris.

But Chanel hasn’t shown you everything yet, in fact they’ve left the best of the best in the back, like theChanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag in Fuschia or the new Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag in Black.

And I wouldn’t mind Chanel whispering in my ears that they will bring back the Diamond CC Flap Bag, so that I can start loading my purse before it hits the store. But it doesn’t matter…anymore…

I love the new Classic Flap Bag in Baby Blue and I do think that the new Chanel Reverso Bag looks much better on us than on the model, perhaps we could switch? (I tried…)

More, I see the Chanel Chic & soft Tote in new beige color, will it become the next iconic, replacing the GST or the PST, is it qualified to do so? The name is a great start, chic and soft, I love it.

And so girls, let us know what you think…








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Alexander McQueen 2014 Bag Collection


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It’s either an iconic or nothing. Researchers claim that women purchase pricey bags to show off their wealth and uplift their social status. That might be true, but they should also included that designer brands have gathered years of sophisticated knowledge and implement luxurious materials to create a bag beyond our expectation. An unforgettable experience.

Be shameless when wearing your very own Alexander McQueen Heroine bag, it’s absolutely addictive and well known for its precision and flawless design. The NEW heroine bags are constructed from perfect black, white and orange leather, finished with silver hardware. The smart appearance is not only attractive, but it’s also ideal to carry your documents and agenda while wearing a sleek working-suit.

If totes are not on your wish list, perhaps you want to try the new shoulder bags. We love the Heroine shoulder in black with studs and gold hardware. I hope you are ready to ride the trend; these bags will be available in store in February.

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Prada Spring 2014 Jewelry Collection: Color Pops

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All readers of BRAGMYBAG including me and you love all-things pretty. When we saw Prada’s Spring 2014 Jewelry Collection, our heart stopped for a second. How to describe our feelings? Oh yes: ‘WOW’.

Take your wish list out, it’s time to add a few extra items. Prada’s sophisticated jewelries have finally taken to the next level, it’s playful, chic and the colors are popping everywhere. Feel the pureness and the impeccable craftsmanship, these jewels makes you feel good, they add a punch to your evening style. Red gemstones earrings are for the modern lady, take the vintage bracelet with emerald stones for the sixties look.

Jewelries are as important as your bags and shoes, they are the final refinement to your total look, like the last whip cream on a cupcake. Jewels can break or make your night, and I am pretty sure that Prada has not disappointed us for the spring 2014, not even an inch.

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 Bag Collection

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On Thursday 13th June, the nature stood at Louis Vuitton’s side, as the sun delivered warm and bright sunshine to the Zeiglerhouse in the morning. It was the missing ingredient, that even Marc Jacobs didn’t had control, to make the event of Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 collection perfect. Image how beautiful it was; extravagant rooms, villa inspired by the ancient Roman times and beautifully decorated marble mantels made in Italy. The new collection features the ‘neverfull’ tote in bright shade like red and blue, the sofia coppola bag in effortless summer blue that can resonates with any woman and the new fold-up tote bag that can be carried either by hand. The launch of the neverfull in epi leather showed how Marc Jacobs can creatively transform a traditional bag into a modern essential and the option to choose from different layers of colors just take our breath away, it’s timeless. However, I am suprised not to see bags in sophisticated or extremely large LV logo embellished, something that Louis Vuitton usually do in the past, but instead a series of shades has been introduced, with simple patterns or in single colors, which makes it very easy for us to pick.







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Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Shoes Collection


Chanel Alligator Flats
Chanel Lambskin And Patent Calfskin Flats

It’s time, it’s time, to get rid of your summer sandals as we are entering the fall and winter seasons. At one point, I miss the tropical wind, sun and the beach, but then I am excited and looking forward to decorate my Christmas tree. Hmmm, wondering what kind of present I will be getting this year. And perhaps it’s also time replace your minimalistic summer shoes to cozy winter flats. The Chanel boutique has already filled their stock with the latest F/W shoes collection; from luxurious Chanel flats in alligators to Chanel short boots in calfskin.

The new Chanel flats in lambskin and patent is the new attractive shoes that should be checked as a ‘must have’. The soft lambskin is smooth enough to keep you satisfied for at least 6 months. The iconic CC logo that every girl dream of is pinned on the back, which is very delight and elegant. The pointy toes are crafted in patent, making it a truly lady essential.

Ironically Chanel knew how much we love their chains, so they embellished it into the heels of their new edge boots and wedge pumps. And for those who can’t sleep without Chanel quilt, there’s a new high heel pump in lambskin and patent.

Chanel Two-Tone Goatskin Dhort Boots

Chanel Two-Tone Goatskin Pumps

Chanel Alligator High Boots

Chanel Calfskin and Patent Short Boots

Chanel Calfskin and Shearling Short Boots

Chanel Calfskin Short Boots With Cross Straps

Chanel Fantasy Pony Calfskin Loafers

Chanel Glazed Calfskin Short Boots

Chanel Glazed Calfskin High Boots With Chains

Chanel Kid Suede And Patent Calfskin Sandals

Chanel Pony Calfskin Loafers

Chanel Two Tone Lambskin And Patent Calfskin Pumps

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