1. I adore Olympia Le-Tan and have always kept an eye out for her new clutch releases, half hoping that she will and won’t release my favorite titles, because then I’ll have a serious challenge to my wallet. Her bags are beautiful, but quite pricey and I rarely wear clutches. Still, I have a soft spot for her designs and of course love books.

I was thrilled when I heard she had done a collaboration with LeSportsac – and even happier when I saw these amazing book pouches, and found out that they were around $50 each (versus $2,000 for her clutches). And then was sad when I found out that they were completely sold out. I even called their hotline in the US, and checked in Japan. Nada.

Lesportsac Olympia Le Tan


Anyway…I just happened to be browsing Shopbop the other day and noticed that they had all three of the Olympia Le-Tan book pouches, newly in stock and available! I immediately ordered my two favorites – the black and red – and considered going back for the baby blue, but don’t want to be a hoarder. They arrived yesterday and I love them. I probably won’t use them as clutches, but at least one I’ll take with me as a travel pouch, and the other I’ve already put all of the little cards, letters, mementos I have from my husband. And I stack it on the end of my bookshelf..it makes me smile to see it, what a cool pouch!

I recommend these for any book lover or Olympia Le-Tan fan..and if you really like them, I’d pick them up sooner as I would think they would sell out from Shopbop soon.


2. Did you watch the Oscars? I haven’t in years but always still check for the dresses the next day. It’s gotten more boring though….I have to scroll through so many photos to find ones that I love. On that note, I thought I would share this great NY Times piece on the same topic – What Happened To Risk On The Red Carpet?

3. Year end review time has recently passed or is still to come for some of us…so I thought I’d share this article from NY Mag – How To Ask For More Money At Work. Any other tips you all might have?


4. Thank you to a wonderful reader, Irina, who recommended Jeffrey Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series last week. I had been hesitant in the past to start the first of the series, The Bone Collector, since I had already watched the movie, but am so glad I picked up the book. It was great, and the fact that I had already watched the movie made no difference in my enjoyment whatsoever.

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