Celia de Flers Wishbone Collection: Good Luck Charms

CATEGORIES:Jewelry & Watches

Celia de Flers Wishbone Collection

Normally, you’re trying to break a wishbone for good luck, but plated in rhodium, rose gold, and yellow gold, the pieces from Celia de Flers’ wishbone collection are virtually unbreakable. And it turns out an unbroken wishbone is the luckiest kind. It means that whatever you’re hoping for will come true soon! Whether you prefer your luck to come in the form of a petite ring or a bulky cuff (my favorite of the collection!), Celia has you covered. The Parisian designer is a born Jewel Snob with a grandmother who was friends with both the Cartier and Boucheronfamilies. She crafts jewels of all styles and prices, but this Frugal Snob collection won me over for its simple, lovely designs. Even the most unique piece, the three-finger ring, is elegantly understated. It artfully extends the legs of the wishbone out to create the second and third circles, almost obscuring the original inspiration. If you prefer to be more overt, the necklace and earrings are the best ways to show everyone just how lucky you are! 

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