Savvy Suede Bags



Chanel-inspired and convertible as a shoulder bag: this is classic and accommodating. 

Think fall’s luxest material has to come with a luxe price tag to match? Think again. Some of my favorite suede bags ring in at $500 or lower. When you spend a little less, you also get the freedom of less worry, not that carrying a new suede bag should make you fret. Many fear the wear and tear of nubuck, but I happen to think it’s chicer for the wear! There’s nothing like a well patinaed suede. Or a great frugal find, for that matter.
Summer freedom, and the carefree outings that come with it, is upon us. I just spent the last week traveling and no matter how light my bag is, at the end of walking for about 10 hours, my shoulders, along with everything else, start to ache like never before.

Wouldn’t a belt bag be ideal? As convenient as they are, it’s a tricky thing to wear one without adding unwanted bulk to the midsection. Choosing the right bag is key. These three each have a distinctive shape that definitely does NOT read “fanny pack.” Styling it the right way will help it stand apart from your waistline. Always wear a belt bag at your side. Never put it front and center, in case that isn’t already obvious.

5 Bags Every Woman Should Have by Age 30

 A shot of iridescent golden leather makes this bag pop against any neutral color. 
There’s something about suede and fringe that just works, exuding effortless bohemian flair without going over the top. 
 A flirty, fringe bucket in miniature size delivers the perfect little pop of big color.
I love the sporty look of a scaled-down duffel, and with contrasting leather trim and piping, this one stands out in all the right ways. 
 Consider this spacious navy tote the bag to use all day, every day, as you hop from work to gym to wherever the casual evening takes you. 
 With a slim, foldover shape and shiny gold hardware, this convertible shoulder-to-clutch bag is versatile and expensive-looking. 
 Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
When we’re in our twenties, a lot of us enforce a few life goals to hit by the time we’re 30. Whether it’s a fast-accelerating career, dream wedding (and a dream husband to go with it), or a baby on the way, 30 is the age when we feel things ought to get “serious” in one way or another. I’m not here to give you one more item to add to your checklist (or five, more specifically), but to tell you not to fret. Think bags, instead of big picture! Because even if you haven’t quite grown up yet, your bag wardrobe can help suggest otherwise.

It’s time to consider a true exotic. Nancy Gonzalez’s crocodile pieces – like this young, fun shape topped with python – are reasonably priced, compared to say, one by Chanel or Hermès. 


You’re ready for a grown-up clutch. Think of this as a piece that works just as well for evening cocktail parties as it does as a ladies-who-lunch bag – even if you don’t lunch. Hey, if you’re not yet married, you might need to whip it out to impress a future mother-in-law. 
Think on-trend but not trendy. A mini bucket feels very “right now,” but this one won’t fade away once the style does. Beautiful details (just look at that handle) and a multi-seasonal hue means this flirty bag projects timeless charm. 
Prada Saffiano Galleria Tote with PocketiconPrada’s saffiano-leather bags are instant indicators of easy, classic sophistication. With a hardware-topped front pocket, this work-to-weekend tote projects just enough edge to keep you interested. 
Don’t be afraid to invest in a good travel bag. Leave your nylon backpack at home, and take Valextra’s luxurious yet understated shopper for a spin. Versatile enough to act as a carryon, overnighter, or even decadent gym bag, this one goes the distance. 

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